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4 Ways To Keep Kids Safe Around a Backyard Pool

4 Ways To Keep Kids Safe Around a Backyard Pool

Summer is here, which means it is pool season. For many, this is a favorite time of year because they can be outside, enjoying the weather, and swimming, too. However, swimming pools can be dangerous due to the chance of drowning, so it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Earthworks Landscaping offers the best in pool services, design, and installation in the greater Toronto area, including in Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, and Milton. Below, we’ll go over four ways to keep kids safe around a backyard pool. Contact us for a free quote today!

Keeping kids safe at the pool infographic

Keep an Eye on Your Children at All Times

Drowning happens quickly and can be unexpected. Worse, your child can drown and not even make a sound indicating that they are in trouble. When your children are outside either around the pool or swimming in the pool, there needs to be an adult with them to supervise at all times. It can be easy to get on your phone, read an article, and your kid has slipped under the water. Get in the habit of constantly looking up to check on your child every 30 seconds.

Child swimming in pool

Don’t Rely on Floatation Devices

Too many parents put a false sense of security in floatation devices. Inner tubes, pool noodles, water wings, and other floatation devices are toys, not drowning prevention. If you want your child safe, you can invest in a high-quality life jacket. One caveat here: a great life jacket will save your child ONLY if they are wearing the life jacket. It is entirely possible for your child to unbuckle the life jacket and then be in trouble in the water. Supervision is still recommended even if your child is wearing a life jacket.

child using floatation devices in the pool

Teach Your Children to Swim

One of the best prevention measures to drowning and a great way to enjoy your summer and the pool is to enroll your child in swim lessons. This will not only teach them how to swim, but they will also learn water safety skills and how to survive in the open water. Techniques such as floating on your back or front water floating are useful for everyone to know.

Child learning to swim

Ensure Pool Safety

You were probably annoyed as a kid when the lifeguard told you to walk and not run when at a swimming pool. However, these kinds of pool safety rules help to keep everyone safe. Running around the pool creates the hazard of slipping and falling in the pool. In addition, there should be no rough housing in the water. No one should be pushing other kids under the water. Diving in the shallow end of the pool is another way to get hurt and possibly drown.

Child swimming safely


Earthworks Landscaping loves helping Toronto-area residents have amazing backyard pools. We hope you’ve found the above pool safety tips helpful, and call for a free pool installation and service estimate today!

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