All About: Polymeric Sand

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All About: Polymeric Sand

All About: Polymeric Sand

Before the early 2000s, fine sand filled the joints between interlocking pavers. The sand had a habit of washing out and allowing weeds to sprout from the ground below. The introduction of polymeric sand provided a lot of benefits over regular sand.

Polymeric sand is a mix of fine sand combined with polymers that, when mixed with water, bond together and create a “cement-like” bond.

Why Use Polymeric Sand?

The use of polymeric sand on concrete paver installations have several benefits:

  • Creates strong joints, resisting slight ground shifts to keep your walkway or patio level
  • Discourages weed growth & nesting of ants or other insects
  • Resistance against erosion from rain, snow & wind
  • Nicer appearance – it’s available in a variety of colours

How to Install Polymeric Sand on New Interlock Walkways and Patios

The first step in polymeric sand installation is to thoroughly clean and dry the concrete paving stones.

Then, sweep the sand into the joints with a large medium-bristle broom. Be careful not to get too much sand on the top of the pavers.  Fill paver joints by continuing to sweep the sand.

Next, wet the sand with a gentle spray of water. A direct stream can gouge the sand out of the joints. Proper wetting of the polymeric sand is essential for the polymers to activate and harden the joints. 

Afterwards, the sand needs time to dry and form a hard bond. Sand should not be applied when there is precipitation in the forecast for the next day or two.

Finally, completely fill the joints by adding a second application as some settling will occur. Wait 1-2 weeks before the second application.

Add new sand every spring to keep your interlock landscaping looking new and free of bottom-growth weeds.

Be aware, that some weed growth may still appear as many seeds are air-borne and will blow in from neighboring yards in search of a hospitable place to take root.

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