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Landscape Design in Burlington & Oakville

Landscape Design Services in Burlington & Oakville

Art & science are combined through landscape design to create a functional but aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. Landscape designers are trained to use the elements of colour, scale, form, texture, balance, unity and simplicity to create a plan for a cohesive exterior living space. Final plans often include both hardscape (stone, rock, patio, driveways) and softscape (soil, plants, flowers).

Why Do You Need a Landscape Design?

It is recommended to have a professional landscape plan to create a well-organized and visually interesting space that enhances your lifestyle. Additionally, investing in landscaping will increase the curb appeal and market value of your home.

The Process of Landscape Design

A quick sketch (often provided free of charge by landscaping companies) can provide a general project overview, however, a comprehensive landscape plan considers a variety of details.

Some Details to Consider:

  • features that are specific to your property
  • grade changes
  • amounts and types of material used3D Landscape Design
  • colour choices
  • exact measurements
  • furniture placement
  • plants and garden layouts
  • areas of shade and sun

It is preferable to select a single landscape company you are comfortable with to move forward on the development of a landscape plan. This saves time and ensures the landscaper gets to know your individual needs and wishes.

Getting Ready for Your Design Consultation

Preparing for your initial consultation involves several steps. First, a recent property survey is helpful in determining property lines and unique features.  Secondly, prepare a list of requirements and desires for your outdoor space. Finally, prepare some of your inspirations to help your landscape designer understand your preferences.

This may include:

  • a selection of addresses in your neighborhood that you admire
  • Pinterest boLandscape Design - Pencil Sketchards
  • Houzz ideabooks
  • Preferred plant types and colours

For more information, see the article: Preparing For Your Initial Consultation

The development of a landscape plan may take between 1-4 weeks depending on the size, complexity and number of revisions.

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