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Fibreglass Swimming Pool Contractor in West GTA

Earthworks Landscaping is your go-to fibreglass swimming pool contractor in the west greater Toronto area. Our team works hard to bring you the best in pools and pool design, including landscape design and construction, so you can enjoy your backyard space all summer long. We’ve partnered with Narellan Pools West GTA and Pentarm Pools to bring you the ultimate in style and sophistication. From a traditional rectangular shape to a pool with a built-in tanning ledge, spill-over spa or waterfall, we’ll work with you to discover what will work best for you. We abide by our motto of “Beautiful. Inspired. Durable.” helping to craft spaces that are beautiful and functional.


Fiberglass pools have become a popular choice for many homeowners for several reasons. Firstly, they are very durable and long-lasting, with a lifespan of up to 25 years or more. They are also relatively low maintenance and require less upkeep than other types, such as concrete or vinyl liner pools. Fiberglass pools are also available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs, making it easy to find one that suits your specific needs and preferences. Additionally, they are easy and quick to install, taking as little as one week to complete. Finally, they are known for their smooth and non-porous surface, which reduces the need for chemicals and makes them more resistant to algae growth. Overall, fiberglass pools are a great option for homeowners who want a low-maintenance, durable, and beautiful pool that will last for many years.



Cozumel Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Cozumel Fiberglass Swimming Pool Cozumel is a 23 feet highly popular rectangular inground fiberglass…

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Bali Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Bali Fiberglass Swimming Pool Bali is a highly popular 26 feet rectangular fiberglass inground…

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Symphony In-Ground Fibreglass Pool

Symphony In-Ground Fibreglass Pool The Narellan Pools Symphony Line is our bestselling swimming pool…

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Narellan Grandeur Pool

Grandeur Swimming Pool

Grandeur Swimming Pool The classically shaped Grandeur features full-width entry steps, steps at both…

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Federation Fibreglass Pool

Federation Swimming Pool

Federation Swimming Pool The Narellan Pools Federation is a beautiful contemporary pool design. With…

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Serene 9 Blue Azurite

Serene In-Ground Fibreglass Pool

Serene In-Ground Fibreglass Pool The Narellan Pools Serene Pool is the perfect balance of…

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EDEN 5.5

Eden Swimming Pool

Eden Swimming Pool With its compact shape, contemporary style and streamlined pool design, the…

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Nirvana 7 Grey Quartz

Nirvana Swimming Pool

The Narellan Pools Nirvana line features a resort style splash deck, deep swimming area and contemporary lines, it’s been created to bring peace and tranquility by providing a retreat from modern life.

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Princess In-Ground Fibreglass Pool

Princess In-Ground Fibreglass Pool The Princess is a timeless classic, with its smooth curved…

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Fibreglass Swimming Pool Contractor in Greater Toronto

Installing a new swimming pool is a very exciting undertaking. It involves being familiar with local building requirements,  designing your perfect space, and lots of technical knowledge – excavating your yard, bringing in a fibreglass shell – often by crane! backfilling and  concrete and setting up the best in pool equipment so you can enjoy your hot days in your pool. All of this takes expertise & experience. Partnering with Earthworks Landscaping  ensures your  installation service will exceed  expectations.

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