Preparing for Your Initial Landscaping Consultation

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Preparing for Your Initial Landscaping Consultation

Preparing for Your Initial Consultation

You’ve decided it’s time to update your outdoor space, done some research and booked an initial consultation with a landscape contractor. Now what?

To get the space you want, the most accurate quote and avoid countless rounds of revisions to your landscaping plan, it’s best to do some preparation. We suggest gathering the following information prior to your site meeting.

1) Information about your property

  • Drainage issues, easements, neighbourhood regulations
  • A survey of your property
  • Sun exposure

2) Your landscaping priorities

  • Front yard, side yard, back yard, outdoor kitchen, driveway, walkway, steps, pool?

3) How you envision using the space

  • Kid-friendly design or adult entertainment hotspot?
  • Low maintenance plants or avid gardening?
  • Exercise or quiet relaxation?
  • Retreat in the shade or soak up the rays?

4) Your landscaping style

  • Be prepared to share your photos, Pinterest board, Houzz ideabook, or neighbourhood addresses that you admire.
  • Point out or provide photos of any furniture or other elements you would like us to incorporate in the design.
  • List any existing plants you would like to remain or anything new that you would like to see.

5) Your Investment 

  • Sharing a ballpark budget with the estimator will help to avoid surprises on your estimate and allow you to get a sense of what can be accomplished in the initial meeting.

Making some preparations before consulting with a landscape contractor can help get your project off to a smooth start. And,  get you one step closer to getting the outdoor space you want.

To book a consultation for your project now, book online or give Earthworks Landscaping a call at 905.638.0790